Summer Frenzy: 10 days in China, Boston Photography Workshops, Back alley BBQ, & Waffles.

Wow, crazy start to the summer. Thrilled to have opened my new teaching studio: Boston Photography Workshops which opened with a bang, including: photo-demos for chefs, an NYC media workshop on new digital trends, and... a good old fashion Digital 101 class. From there I headed to Indianapolis for VRX Studios to work with The Alexander Hotel, which is just an incredible hotel with even better people working there. After Indy (and a few beers) I departed for Dandong China for a 10 day shoot (again for VRX) and shot a sparkling new Hilton Garden Inn. Dandong China is located in the far north of China and borders North Korea, very cool experience. From long nights, lots of noodles, illegal roof top photo shoots, to celebratory explosions, China was as always.. an experience. Summers just getting started, below is a sampling of the whirlwind May & June.