Hyperlapse: PDX

Trying to get more comfortable with hyper lapse photography and thinking in terms of time and motion, tricky stuff. For practice, a good friend of mine (Paul Pongracz) and I went out to the streets of Portland to give it a-go. Here are two examples of the three we shot (the 3rd we're still fighting with in post) These "hyperlapses" are essentially time lapse videos, but adding motion of the camera as well. Hopefully we can do a demo video someday.  

Shot by Chris Sanchez & Paul Pongracz @ OMSI in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR

Franklin High School Restoration Project

In the winter of 2014 I was given the chance to photograph Franklin High School just a few months before it was scheduled to be closed, then remodeled. The gym is one space which is to be demolished not restored and this week the demolition got underway. Although it's now gone, the old Franklin gymnasium had thousands of students run across its hardwood floors, thousands of pep-rallies with student screams and cheers, and countless more memories. Here are a few images of a place I'll never forget.