A Foggy Night at Nubble Lighthouse

It's been far too long since I shared some photos here but I'm excited to post images from a recent class I taught at in York, ME. Astro photography has become a passion of mine that I strive to make more time for. On the evening of August 4th, 2018 four students of mine joined me for a night of photography that included fog, incredible humidity, pesky teenagers, and some epic photos. For those interested in astrophotography and would like to join us for our next adventure, visit our studio's website to learn more. 


In October Kathrin and I were lucky enough to celebrate our wedding with friends and family in San Juan, PR. After the wedding we high-tailed it to our honeymoon in Portugal were we spent several days in Luz, Lagos, and Lisbon, exploring the amazing landscape. For the trip I decided to leave my typical full frame (Canon 6D) at home for a smaller set-up. Most of the trip was shot with a cropped sensor Nikon D5100 + a Sigma 10-20, and a Lumix LX-100. 

Smith Rock,

A sudden death in the family brought me to Oregon unexpectedly. While in Oregon I spent time in the expansive and extraordinary landscapes of the west to find calm. These captivating places remind me how small we are in the universe, and at the same time let us know that that's just fine. 

Smith Rock, Oregon                                                                                                                                                                                                     ©Chris Sanchez Photography

Canon 6D, 16-35mm, 1/500, F8, ISO 160 

Hyperlapse: PDX

Trying to get more comfortable with hyper lapse photography and thinking in terms of time and motion, tricky stuff. For practice, a good friend of mine (Paul Pongracz) and I went out to the streets of Portland to give it a-go. Here are two examples of the three we shot (the 3rd we're still fighting with in post) These "hyperlapses" are essentially time lapse videos, but adding motion of the camera as well. Hopefully we can do a demo video someday.  

Shot by Chris Sanchez & Paul Pongracz @ OMSI in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR